Learning & Development

  • 95%Soldiers enrol on an apprenticeship
  • 40+ different schemes offered
  • 3levels of apprenticeship available – up to degree level
  • 5good GCSEs – value of the entry level apprenticeship

Apprenticeships, Skills & Qualifications

When you join the Army, you’ll not only learn how to be one a world-class soldier or officer, but you’ll continue to develop skills and earn qualifications while you work.

Soldiers - Army Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a way to gain recognised qualifications while on the job and getting paid, making them the perfect alternative if learning in a classroom isn't for you.

You’ll do the apprenticeship most relevant to your job role, or an equivalent nationally recognised qualification, as part of your initial trade training. The courses are designed with other employers, ensuring the training is to industry standards and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

Your apprenticeship will be on one of the following areas:

  • Public services and health

  • Engineering

  • Telecommunications & IT

  • Animal care

  • Logistics

  • Construction

  • Business administration

The type of apprenticeship you end up completing will depend on your chosen role in the Army.

Officers - Lead & Learn

You don’t have to have a degree to join the Army as an officer.

If university isn’t for you, you could be learning to lead at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst while enjoying opportunities for travel and adventure – plus earning a great salary (over £28,000 when you start your training, rising to more than £34,000 once you commission).

Academic Qualifications

As you rise through the ranks your education will grow too. You'll have the opportunity to study for first degrees and postgraduate qualifications - in a wide range of subjects.

Business and Leadership skills

As an Officer you'll be taught business skills like team leadership, project management and strategic management - all of which will stand you in good stead if you choose to leave the Army. You'll earn qualifications that are recognised worldwide.

Specialist Qualifications

If you're training or have already qualified as a specialist, such as a Doctor, Vet, Nurse, Dentist or Lawyer, you can join the Army as a Professionally Qualified Officer. You'll be supported with your professional development, you'll earn a competitive salary and get to enjoy the adventurous lifestyle that the Army offers. You'll also spend less time training at Sandhurst, compared to the 44 weeks regular officers undertake.

More Qualifications

You'll get the chance to undertake a degree level apprenticeship in leadership, later in your career. Every job in the Army offers the opportunity to progress to gain professional skills leading to higher qualifications, including full Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Technical Corps like the Royal Engineers or the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, will support you in gaining civilian qualifications such as gaining Chartered Engineer status.

Many Officers and Soldiers also become qualified instructors or leaders for adventurous training activities, so this is a great chance to take your interests to the next level.