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Being physically fit in the Army is vital. As a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, you will be provided with the skills to ensure that our soldiers are physically prepared for Military tasks whilst also gaining qualifications that will build your CV.

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Physcial Training Instructor supervising weight lifting

The Army’s tasks are always delivered directly by soldiers through human interaction, they are our greatest asset. Therefore, keeping our soldiers fit and healthy is vital, which is the responsibility of the Physical Training Instructor (PTI).  

PTIs generally serve as detached personnel within most units across the Army. Their Commanding Officers task them with the responsibility of maintaining the physical fitness of their soldiers in preparation for Military tasks. The training our instructors receive gives them the confidence to deliver military physical training, advise on all physical development matters, assure lessons, and mentor junior instructors. 

The Royal Army Physical Training Corps provide the Army’s physical performance specialists. The RAPTC is responsible for developing and maintaining physical fitness across the Army so that individuals and units are prepared for Military tasks. 

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Key Responsibilities

  • Assist the Commanding Officer on all Physical Development Matters.

  • Assist with any health and wellbeing initiatives.

  • Encourage and organise sporting events.

  • Mentor junior Physical Training Instructors.

  • Assure training across all sub-units.

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