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Pay & Benefits

  • £42.29Day rate for Soldiers in training from day 1
  • £53.79Day rate for Soldiers after training
  • £87.10Day rate for new Officers
  • £470Tax free bounty after year 1

Financial incentives

Most Army Reserve roles are now offering extra payment to new entrants, once they reach joining milestones, for example completing training. Your unit or Candidate Support Manager will know more.

About pay rates

As you rise through the ranks your daily rate of pay will also go up.

Soldier pay

Current rates of pay for soldiers just starting out in these ranks are:

  • Recruits (in initial training); £42.29 per day

  • Private: £53.79 per day

  • Lance Corporal: £71.18 per day

  • Corporal: £83.01 per day

  • Sergeant: £93.40 per day

Officer pay

The current rates for officers just starting out in each of these ranks are:

  • Second Lieutenant: £87.10 per day

  • Lieutenant: £90.15 per day

  • Captain: £111.62 per day

  • Major: £140.60 per day

Tax-free Bounty

If you meet your minimum training commitment (usually 19 or 27 days), and also pass your Military Training Tests (once a year), you'll get a tax free bonus payment on top of your pay.

This is based on your level of commitment, and varies from £470 in year 1 to £1,862 in year 5.

Adventurous training



The Joining Process

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Reserve Units

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