Joining the Army has been very easy and smooth as I had a lot of support from my careers adviser.

Army Recruiter

What to expect

What happens once you start your application?

Joining Process

Can I Apply?

Find out if you're eligible to apply to join the Army.

Can I Apply?
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Army Assessment

Learn more about what happens when you go for your Army Assessment.

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Find out more about where you'll go once you start your Army Training.


Your local team

If you're thinking of joining the Army, you will find help and advice at your local Army Career Centre.

Here, you'll have a recruiter who will help you through your application. They'll get to know you and when you're ready to move on to the next stage. The office occasionally holds sessions for candidates on different topics, which you might be invited to.

These events include:

  • Information and advice about the Assessment Centre tests

  • Fitness support sessions

  • Drop in sessions on different topics, like Junior Entry or Basic Training

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I was really impressed with the personal relationship that my Recruiting Officer built with me.

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