Officer Application Process

Becoming an Army Officer - what happens when you apply?

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Joining Steps: Regular Officer

  • Stage 1Interview

    Then you'll be invited for an interview with your local recruiter. This gives us a chance to get to know you and to see if you'd get on well in the Army, and for you to ask us questions. Your Officer Interview will be conducted using online video call.

    You'll also be given advice on getting ready for the next stage - the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB).

  • Stage 2Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB)

    Your assessment takes place in two parts: AOSB Briefing and AOSB Main Board, both take place in Westbury, Wiltshire.

    AOSB Briefing

    Once your recruiter thinks that you're ready, you'll be sent to briefing. Over 2 days you'll be assessed on physical and practical exercises and learn how to prepare for Main Board.

    Main Board

    This is your chance to put the skills you learnt at the Briefing in to practice. The Main Board will last for 4 days. You'll need to be physically and mentally fit to pass, and show yourself to the best of your abilities.

    More about the Army Officer Selection board

  • Stage 3After Assessment

    Once you've passed, you'll be given an offer of employment for you to take your place at Sandhurst. We'll still need to run some background checks* on you, but these are nothing to worry about.

    Once you've accepted, you'll need to go on a pre-commissioning course before you can start, where you'll learn more about the course, have a medical and be given some of your uniform. Once this course is finished, you're ready to start your 44 week course at Sandhurst in Surrey.

    *We work with the following agencies for this information: Disclosure and Barring Service; Disclosure Scotland; Access Northern Ireland and National Security Vetting.

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