Army officer selection

Officer selection is divided into two stages– the first is the Briefing, where you are supported and given help preparing for your return to the Main Board.

Assessment tips

  1. Assessment will examine your ability to develop through training at Sandhurst. Every aspect will be assessed and no single activity will lead to non-selection.

  2. Research and understand which part of the Army you want to serve in

  3. Make sure you can easily meet the fitness standards required

  4. Be aware of current affairs, especially any about society or defence

  5. Be yourself and enjoy the experience.

Stage 1: Briefing

Your first trip to the selection centre in Westbury, Wiltshire. Here, you’ll be taught how to prepare for your next visit, the Main Board, and assessed during physical and practical exercises.

The AOSB Briefing is your stage for the day: so be sure to arrive well rested and well prepared. However, don’t be worried by the tests; they’re designed to help us understand your development needs before you attend the Main Board.

If you applied to join for a PQO commission you will not normally attend Briefing. The preparation covered at Briefing is included in the Main Board (Short) programme.

The next step will be your invitation to attend the Main Board, which is a residential assessment. You’ll need to arrive physically and mentally fit, as the tests will be demanding. For this reason, you may be advised to wait between Briefing and Main Board, so you come prepared to perform at your best.

If your performance at Briefing shows that you’re ready for the Main Board you’ll be put forward for a place.

Whether you're joining as an Officer or a Soldier, you'll need to take the same fitness tests when you're at selection. As an officer you'll need to meet the following levels to pass:

  • Mid Thigh Pull 76kg

  • Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m

  • MSFT (beep test) level 8.7

Find out more about the fitness tests.

Scholarship Board

The Army is there to support you as you learn and develop, find out about the range of bursary and scholarships available to those planning on a career as an Officer.

Bursaries & Scholarships

The assessment activities for the scholarship board are designed so that you do not require any rehearsal or pre-board training. However, you can prepare yourself by ensuring you are both physically fit and mentally alert.