Combat roles

In a Combat role

As an Infantry Soldier or a member of a Tank Crew, for example – soldiers are part of a fast-moving and responsive unit, taking part in a variety of operations around the world.


Combat roles are found primarily within the Infantry, Royal Artillery, Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) and Army Air Corps. They are often found at the heart of the action.

Coming from a housing estate in South Wales without owning a passport, the British Army has allowed me to travel to every corner of the world.


The Infantry are ready to protect the nation, prevent conflict, fight the nation's enemies and deal with disasters at home or overseas.

Army Air Corps

The Army Air Corps work with battle-winning aircraft, using advanced sensors and weaponry to find and defeat the enemy.

Royal Artillery

Gunners are responsible for finding and striking the enemy where it counts and providing the British Army with its firepower.

Royal Armoured Corps

The Royal Armoured Corps combines speed, momentum, firepower and reconnaissance capabilities with armoured fighting vehicles.

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