Army Reserve Specialists

If you have a specialist skill that you could bring to the Army in your spare time you could join one of our national units.

National units recruit from all over the UK. More specialised than regional units they're aimed at people with specialist skills, but some will train from scratch. If you want to use the skills from your day job in the Army Reserve – a national unit could be the place for you.

You will probably need to travel to get to your unit, so you won't be expected to join a weekly training night. Your time with the unit will be at weekends and annual training camp. The minimum commitment the Army look for with specialist reservists is 19 days.

If you’re interested in joining as a specialist please contact the unit that would suit you and they will talk you through the next steps.


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Specialist units

Find a national unit for your specialist skills, and discover where you could fit in.

National Units

The Joining Process

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