Rejoining the Army full time

We value your previous service and if you're thinking of coming back there's a job waiting for you in the Regular Army, or Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS).

If you have served in the Regular Army you can rejoin even if you left under the Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme. There are also opportunities for personnel from the other services to join the Regular Army, or MPGS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trained soldiers (Regular or Reserve), having served in the Army, Navy or RAF, for at least 3 years of consecutive service and discharged within the last 6 years (or 10 if Substantive Corporal or above), may be eligible to join the MPGS.

The primary role of the MPGS is to counter the terrorist threat posed to military bases within the UK mainland through the provision of armed guarding services.


  • Controlling entry and exit to a site

  • Managing control room operations and ensuring all visitors are dealt with efficiently

  • Patrolling site perimeters and taking necessary action to preserve perimeter security

  • Security incident management such as suspicious packages, bomb threats, protests etc

  • Military Working Dogs Services at some sites

  • All operate a 4 days on, 4 days off shift system, with continuation training conducted during the 4 days off period. Soldiers cycle between days and nights every 8 calendar days.