Pay & Benefits

  • £18,687 Annual pay rate for soldiers in training from day 1
  • £23,496 Annual pay rate for soldiers after initial training (some roles will get more)
  • £31,305Annual pay rate for officers while in training at Sandhurst
  • £37,425 Annual pay rate for officers after training.
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You’ll receive an annual review to ensure that you’re able to progress through the ranks – and this means that you’ll unlock higher pay as you progress.

Some Army jobs pay higher than the standard rate of pay. These are typically specialist roles.

Current rates of pay for Soldiers just starting out in these ranks are:

  • Recruits (in initial training); £18,687 a year

  • Private: £23,496 a year

  • Lance Corporal: £30,769 a year

  • Corporal: £35,718 a year

  • Sergeant: £40,058 a year

You can find specific pay details for each role on Rolefinder.

Golden Handshakes

We are currently offering people joining as full time Chefs or Petroleum Operators an extra £6,500. Talk to your recruiter to find out if you qualify.


Adventurous training

You'll get to try new activities, and have the chance to travel to new and interesting places around the world.


Paid leave

You'll get 30 days of annual leave, plus bank holidays. If you've been on operations you'll get extra time off on your return too.


Skills for life

You'll gain skills that help you do you job, but are also transferrable to a civilian career if you choose to leave.