Family life

There is no need to choose between a career in the Army and having a family – you can have both. We understand how important family is and are always working to make sure we can support you and your family. Your family is included in your Army life and can join in with one of the many Army family days at your unit.

Army housing

The Armed Forces and their families are able to live in high quality subsidised accommodation both in the UK and overseas either at or close to their place of work. This recognises that personnel move frequently, often to more remote parts of the country. The majority of Army personnel and their families live in accommodation of this type. The size of the service family accommodation is determined by both rank and the size of your family.


Becoming a parent is a huge change in a person's life, and when combined with the unconventional lifestyle of being in the Army, it can be a daunting prospect. The Army has enviable maternity and return to work packages, with up to 26 weeks full pay. You will be well looked after during your pregnancy and all activities that you undertake on your return to work are fully risk assessed.


Alongside tax-free childcare, your local service community will usually have a range of facilities, such as playgroups.

Flexible Working

There are 2 areas where flexible working applies in the Army; part-time working and restricted separation. These are considered on an individual basis, but allow service-people to reduce the number of hours that they work, or limit time away for a certain periods of their service. These can also be combined.

Welfare Support

The Army Welfare Service is there to help serving personnel and their families with support when they need it.

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