Rejoin as a Reservist

If you're an ex-Regular who wants to join the Army Reserve there are lots of opportunities for you to bring your skills and experience to your local Reservist unit. If you've completed Phase 1 and 2 training, and are an ex-Regular or ex-Reserve Soldier, Commissioned Officer in the Army, RAF Regiment or Royal Marines we'd love to hear from you.

You can rejoin as long as you have:

  • Been trained and completed service in last 6 years

  • Medical discharge category of MFD and MLD acceptable

  • Between 18 years - 51 years 364 days (56 years and 364 days for ex Officers and some specialist)

What next?

Contact our Rejoiners team and let them know you're interested in rejoining. Make sure you tell us your previous Service Number and Rank. They'll advise you about the steps you'll need to take, or you can Apply online.

The Joining Process

Find out more about how to join.

Reserve Units

Find your local Army Reserve Centre