I'm a British Citizen

As a British Citizen, British Overseas Territory Citizen, British Overseas Citizen, British Subject, British National (Overseas) citizen and British Protect Person, you're able to apply to join the Army.

I'm an Irish Citizen

As an Irish Citizen, you can apply to join the regular Army. If you're hoping to join the Army Reserve, you need to be already living in the UK.

I'm a refugee or asylum seeker

Unfortunately you are not able to join the British Army.

I'm from the Commonwealth

Any commonwealth applications received at the moment will be kept on file. You will be contacted about your application as more roles become available. Thank you for your patience.

Commonwealth soldiers are, and always will be, an important and valued part of the fabric of the British Army. Commonwealth nationals who are currently resident in the UK, and have been for at least 5 years, may still apply.

We are no longer inviting applications from Commonwealth nationals who have not resided in the UK for more than 5 years. We thank all Commonwealth candidates and their sponsors for their patience and commitment in these uncertain times.

Sickle Cell Trait

We are screening all Army applicants for Sickle Cell Trait. Sickle Cell Trait is not a barring condition to entry, nor to joining a particular part of the Army. All candidates at Assessment Centres will complete a questionnaire as part of their medical that will help us assess if you are at higher risk of Sickle Cell Trait. If the doctor decides that you are a higher risk individual then the Army will arrange for you to undergo a diagnostic blood test to confirm if you have the condition or not. If you require a blood test you must have this done before you can conduct your entry fitness tests. We cannot conduct blood testing at the Assessment Centre, so your CSM will book you an appointment with our partner medical organisation as soon as possible; this will mean having to return to conduct the fitness test at a later date. We understand that any delay may be frustrating, however we are unwilling to compromise your safety in order to speed up the recruitment process.


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