Find out more about being an Officer in the Army.

Insight into life as an Army Officer

The Army Officer Recruiting Team run the Army Officer Insight Day and online presentations/Q&A from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), giving you the opportunity to find out more about officer training and life beyond Sandhurst.

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Regular Officer - Funding University Opportunities

Tue 25 Jun 2024

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You Belong Here – Muslims in the Army

Tue 7 Sept 2024

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You Belong Here – Sikhs in the Army

Tue 24 Sept 2024

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Army Officer Insight Days

Our next Insight day is Saturday 13 July 2024. Places fill up fast so book now to avoid disappointment.

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  • Registration and refreshments and welcome brief

  • Recruiting journey brief

  • Subject Matter Expert stands

  • Lunch

  • Tour of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS)

  • Speak with current RMAS Officer Cadets and staff

  • Lived Experience Presentation plus Q&A

Upcoming Open Days

The next Army Officer Insight Day will be:

  • Saturday 16 November 2024 - Registration opening soon.

  • Saturday 15 March 2025 - Registration opening soon.

In the interim do check out our webinar series, which will include a virtual Sandhurst Open Day.


Who can attend or sign up for our online briefs?

Anyone considering a career as either a Regular or Reserve officer who is aged 16 years and above (up to age 29 for Regular and age 48 for Reserves).

Commonwealth Candidates - you can find more information here.

You Belong Here - Women in the Army Webinar

Mar 2024 - You can be anyone and do anything in the Army.

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Reserve Army Officer Insight Webinar

Jan 2024 - (RAC, REME and Int Corps Jnr Officer speakers)

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Regular Army Officer Insight Webinar

Nov 2023 - (Infantry, REME, RLC Jnr Officer Speakers)

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Other On Demand Webinars

Professionally Qualified Officer Webinar - May 2024

Army School Scholarship (Regular Officer) Webinar - Feb 2024

Army Officer – A Female Perspective Webinar - Oct 2023 (RE, AGC-SPS, R.Signal Jnr Officer speakers)

Army Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO) Insight Webinar - Oct 23 (Nursing Officer, Vet, Physio Jnr Officer speakers)

Army Officer - Diversity Across Leadership Webinar - Sep 23 (RA, RE, RLC, R.Signal Jnr Officer speakers)

Reserve Army Officer Insight Webinar - Sept 2023 - (RA, RE, RLC, R.Signal Jnr Officer speakers)

Become an Army Regular Officer

Army officers lead and care for their soldiers. You'll find yourself in a management role, with a team of soldiers working for you from the start. You'll combine your leadership skills with your subject knowledge to make sure that your team works efficiently and as well as they can.

Be an Army Reserve Officer

It's 100% of your potential in 10% of your time. The Army Reserve train in their spare time - usually evenings, weekends and a two-week annual training camp, and are paid for the time they spend train