Army Reserve Training

As a Reservist you do your training in the evenings and at weekends and you get paid for the time you spend training.

You'll need to do your basic training - but this can be arranged to fit in around your day job. You don't have to do all the training at once. It can be completed in shorter modules or in one go.

Further training also takes place in your spare time. It can take weeks or months depending on your role, course and how much time you can give. Your unit will be happy to support you during your training.

Basic Training consists of three main courses and some online training packages. You can book on the courses to fit around your daily life, so it could take you several months to finish your basic training.

Module 1: Foundation Training. A weekend at an Army Training unit with other Army Reserve Recruits.

Module 2: Four weekends over 8-12 weeks OR one 8 day course.

Module 3: A continuous 15.5 day Battle Camp for all recruits.