Human Resource (HR), Support & Finance Roles

Soldiers and Officers who work in HR, Support & Finance play a key role in keeping the Army in perfect working order. They have the opportunity to earn qualifications, such as becoming an Chartered Accountant.

The Adjutant General's Corps

The Adjutant General's Corps is one of the largest Corps in the British Army, with four branches, providing support with roles such as Military Personnel Administrators (MPA), Military Police (MP), Educational and Training Services, Army Legal Services and more. 


The role of Army Legal Services (ALS) is providing legal support to the Army and comprises professionally qualified Solicitors, Barristers,


The Provost Branch includes 3 distinct organisations: the Royal Military Police (RMP), the Military Provost Staff, and Military Provost Guard.


The Staff and Personnel Support (SPS) are responsible for providing personnel administration and management information, and financial and adm


Educational and Training Services (ETS) officers provide learning and development opportunities for serving personnel wherever they are.

I love travelling the country and telling people about my job, and how it isn't what everyone expects it to be, a job sat behind a desk, stuck in a office. There are so many opportunities to do: Para Course, Commanders Course, Skill at Arms, Drill Instructor, travelling the world as clerks are needed everywhere.

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