HR Officer

Adjutant General’s Corps

At a glance

  • Officer
  • hr

Lead a team of personnel specialist soldiers at home and overseas. With the possibility to be attached to any regiment in the Army, your opportunities are endless.

  • £31,305The minimum amount you’ll earn during training
  • £37,425Your pay after completing basic trade training
  • AgeFrom 17 years & 9 months to 29 years & 11 months
  • QualificationsGCSE and UCAS points

The impact I have on operations and the day-to-day running of my unit is incredible. I couldn’t ask for a better career.

As a Detachment Commander, you can be posted to any regiment in the British Army, be that at home or overseas. You will lead a Detachment of 10-20 AGC(SPS) soldiers. Your responsibilities include the training and development of your soldiers, leading them on exercises and operations and managing their careers. You will also provide critical enabling support to your Regiment. Whether through the delivery of operations, command and information support, or the delivery of personnel administration, your input will be critical to mission success.

The SPS (Staff and Personnel Support) Branch ensures that the British Army’s people are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice by managing its people, finances and information. We are soldiers first, and serve alongside every unit in the Army; wherever the Army goes, we are there too.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Lead your Detachment

  • Train and mentor your soldiers

  • Support the chain of command

  • Deploy on operations

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Regular (full time)

Entry requirements

  • Age:

    From 17 years & 9 months to 29 years & 11 months

  • Qualifications:

    72 UCAS points and 35 ALIS points at GCSE, (including a minimum grade C/4 in English, Maths and a science or foreign language), or equivalent qualifications.

  • Basic physical fitness assessment:

    • Mid Thigh Pull 76kg

    • Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m

    • MSFT (beep test) level 8.07

    More information about the fitness test

Training for the role

Step 1
You spend 44 weeks completing Officer training on the Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Step 2
Your phase two training is the Detachment Commanders’ course, which lasts 11 weeks. Located at Worthy Down, Winchester, the course will teach you all you need to know about being an AGC(SPS) officer. The course is credited as a Level 4 qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Qualifications you could get after training

Officer training is accredited by the Defence Awarding Organisation, Institute of Leadership and Management and Chartered Management Institute, ranging from Levels 4 to 7.

Professional Recognition Awards from City and Guilds.

Degrees in HR Management or Business which include membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.

Opportunities to study and join the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Pay & benefits

You'll earn £31,305 during your year of training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, before commissioning and becoming a Second Lieutenant, on £37,425 a year.

How to Apply

Once your online application has been approved, you'll have an interview with a recruiter, who will talk to you about the corps that you would like to join. You'll have the chance to learn more about your chosen corps, although you won't make your final decision until you're in training at Sandhurst.

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