Army Legal Service

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Army Legal Services is a specialist branch of the Adjutant General's Corps, providing legal support to the British Army and wider Defence.

ALS’ responsibilities are extensive, from giving legal advice on international, civil and military law and advising on operational law, the law of armed conflict and rules of engagement to prosecuting in the Court Martial.

As an officer in the Army Legal Service, you will be a professionally qualified soldier, barrister or Scottish advocate, you'll be involved in anything that requires legal support. You'll also have the opportunity to travel and take part in Adventurous Training as part of your job.

What's it like?

Listen to Army Barrister, Sarah Gerrard talking about her role on the Grey's Inn Podcast.

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Warfare no longer looks like a tank driving over a battlefield. These days lawyers are on the frontline – in every sense.

The Head of Army Legal Services

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Legal Officer
Adjutant General’s Corps

Legal Officer

As an Army Legal Officer you will advise on a range of legal issues across the Army. You will have a challenging and interesting career with opportunities which few other legal practices could offer.