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  • Soldier
  • combat

Special Air Service (Reserve) carry out complex military tasks in difficult conditions all over the world, often with little direct support from other units.

  • The minimum amount you’ll earn during training
  • Your pay after completing basic trade training
  • AgeFrom 17 years & 9 months to 42 years & 6 months
  • Qualifications

Special Air Service Reserve are tasked to the highest level and can operate in difficult and often changing circumstances. They may find themselves operating without guidance, and in situations that are important operationally and strategically.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Deploy around the world

  • Train on a variety of weapons systems

  • Fight as a close-knit section and make friends for life

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Regular (full time)

Entry requirements

  • Age:

    From 17 years & 9 months to 42 years & 6 months

  • Qualifications:

  • Basic physical fitness assessment:

    • Mid Thigh Pull 76kg

    • Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m

    • MSFT (beep test) level 8.06

    More information about the fitness test

Training for the role

Qualifications you could get after training

Pay & benefits

How to Apply

21 & 23 SAS processes applications from male and female applicants, with no previous military service. Applicants must be no older than 42 years 6 months when applying to join the Army Reserves (AR). They will then be sponsored out to their recommended local AR unit to complete basic training and gain experience before being allowed to attempt SAS Reserves Selection.

Ex Regular and AR applicants must be no older than 43 years 364 days on weekend 1, of the Selection Induction Weekend (SIW) of SAS(R) Selection.

There are SAS reserve units in the following areas

21 SAS (call 0800 587 2825)

  • London & South East

  • M3/M4 Corridor

  • East Anglia

  • South West

23 SAS (call 0800 028 5650)

  • Midlands

  • Scotland

  • North of England

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