Light Cavalry Crew

Royal Armoured Corps

At a glance

  • Soldier
  • combat
  • engineering
  • logistics

Get in the driving seat of a fast, light-armoured vehicle that can be fitted with all kinds of weaponry.

  • £18,687The minimum amount you’ll earn during training
  • £23,496Your pay after completing basic trade training
  • AgeFrom 16 years & 0 months to 35 years & 6 months
  • QualificationsNo formal qualifications needed
Light Cavalry

We get the best of both as we can drive and fire the Jackal vehicle but also dismount and fight on foot. It's a challenging role but the people are great

Fast and light, the Jackal 2 is incredibly useful in combat - and you could be at the wheel. As Light Cavalry Crew, you'll drive and fire this all-terrain combat vehicle as part of a three-strong team. If you can’t drive yet, we’ll teach you. You’ll get your car and HGV (Cat B and C) driving licences, and go on to learn how to drive and maintain the Jackal and fire its weapons. Then you'll join the unit you're selected into and start playing a part in regimental life.

The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) provides the armour capability of the British Army. It combines speed, momentum, firepower and reconnaissance capabilities with armoured fighting vehicles, such as the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and Jackal Fighting Vehicle.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Get specialist training on the Jackal 2 armoured vehicle and heavy weapons

  • Focus on combat operations and battlefield success

  • Become a reconnaissance / surveillance specialist and master of mounted manoeuvre

  • Develop the skills to be as good at fighting on your feet as you are at fighting from your vehicle

  • Enjoy a varied role and opportunities to travel

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Regular (full time)

Entry requirements

  • Age:

    From 16 years & 0 months to 35 years & 6 months

  • Qualifications:

    No formal qualifications needed

  • Basic physical fitness assessment:

    • Mid Thigh Pull 76kg

    • Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m

    • MSFT (beep test) level 8.06

    More information about the fitness test

Training for the role

Step 1
Your initial military training teaches you how to be a soldier, covering everything from fieldcraft to how to handle a rifle.

  • If you join as a Junior Soldier (under 17 years and 6 months), you’ll do a 40-week basic military training (long) course at Harrogate.

  • If you join as a Regular Soldier (over 17 years and 6 months), you’ll do the regular 14-week adult basic training.

Step 2
Next, you’ll head to Bovington, Dorset, for 20 weeks of specialist training to develop your technical skills. You will complete your driving licence (if you don't already have it) and then move on to your HGV Class 2 (C Licence) before getting to grips with driving the fast and manoeuvrable Jackal 2. You will also learn how to maintain and fix the Jackal, use the radios and operate the heavy weapons.

Qualifications you could get after training

  • Car licence (Cat B)

  • HGV licence (Cat C)

  • Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeship HM Forces Service Person (Public Services)

  • Functional Skills Levels 1 & 2 in Maths and English

As your career progresses, you may also earn:

  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship: Learning Mentor

Pay & benefits

Earn £18,687 a year during training. When you have completed 26 weeks' service or finished basic trade training – whichever comes first – your pay will rise to £23,496.

How to Apply

Once your online application has been approved, you'll meet with a local recruiter. This is your chance to tell us about the role that you're interested in. When you go to the Assessment Centre, you'll take tests - the results will show whether you'd be suitable for this role, or should consider a different role.

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