The British Army and Unifrog collaborate on skills development workshop for students

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In 2023, a collaboration between Unifrog and The British Army was initiated to provide students with information about the various opportunities within the Army.

Throughout the past year, we have interacted with numerous students, emphasizing the advantages of apprenticeships, bursaries, scholarships, and more. Working with Unifrog has proven to be a valuable partnership, and Caroline Collins, their Head of Employer Partnerships, has been a significant asset to our collaboration.

group of both army and students outside building

Skills Development Workshop:

In September 2023, our regional officer recruiting team organised a skills development workshop centered around the theme of 'Planning & Leadership'. The workshop aimed to enhance problem-solving abilities among participants and offered them the opportunity to win a visit to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

A total of 58 students eagerly enrolled to test their problem-solving skills. We specifically chose problem-solving as the focus skill, as it is a crucial quality that Army officers must possess.

The objective of the workshop was to provide support to other emergency services in addressing severe flooding in the Northwest England region. The students' task involved piloting an Army Wildcat helicopter into the heart of the disaster zone to deliver essential supplies and gather vital information about the situation.

To successfully complete the task, each student had to fulfill three objectives:

  1. Plan their route, which included the pickup and delivery of emergency supplies, as well as refueling, utilising a map.

  2. Plan their journey times, taking into consideration the maximum speed of the Wildcat helicopter and the weather forecast.

  3. Present their findings into a report.

By engaging in this workshop, the students not only had the opportunity to showcase their problem-solving skills but also gained valuable experience in planning and leadership, which are essential qualities for future Army officers.

Winning Prize:

Five students from different parts of the nation were chosen and were offered a special invitation to visit the Royal Engineers at Gibraltar Barracks, Minley, and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) in Surrey.

On Tuesday 12 March 2024, the students engaged with personnel from the Royal Engineers and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, delved into various military insights, had a first-hand look at the equipment, and gained an understanding of the Royal Engineers' approach to combat engineering and assisting Civil Authorities during times of disaster relief, both domestically and internationally.

Candidates standing in front of Royal Engineers wall display

What the students thought

What was your favourite or most interesting part of the day?

“I have to say that my favourite part of the day was touring RMAS Sandhurst itself as I was able to see all the facilities and see the history behind the RMAS Sandhurst and how lovely the place is. The Royal Engineers facilities in Gibraltar Barracks was also very interesting as well as you were able to see what they do for training and on a daily basis.”

“My favourite part of the day was the tour of Sandhurst- it is so grand and full of history and the facilities on site are impressive. The Chapel was very moving. The day benefited me a lot as I got an insight into what life in the Army is like thanks to the personnel who were with us during the day.”

“The day was super insightful with my favourite part being the tour around a booby-trapped house and looking at the engineering behind securing the structure and making it safe. When visiting the RMAS I found it interesting seeing what officer training and life at Sandhurst is like. It opened my eyes to all the opportunities that the Army and Sandhurst have to offer.”


David Cook from Army with Student

“All our prize winners were impressed with what they saw and 4 of them are now committing to or already have started applications to join the Army as officers.” – David Cook (Head of the Regional Officer Recruiting Team)

How did the day change your perception of the Army?

“This day made me more intrigued to join the Army and the reality of the Army is quite different compared to what people expect as it shows the friendship and teamwork that everyone has and there is not a lot of hostility. It is really a place where they invest into you as individual and get the best out of you compared to doing it by yourself.”

“It opened my eyes to all the opportunities that the Army and Sandhurst have to offer. After visiting, it motivated me to think more about a future in the Army and what Regiments I would like to join.”

soldier on the screen of a phone while a photo is being taken

How did the day benefit you?

“I was able to see the tasks the Royal Engineers carry out whilst in the field and learn about the history, which was interesting. Also being able to see all the facilities at Sandhurst that officer Cadets have access to and I learnt about the 44 weeks of training to become an officer”.

Have you thought about any next steps with the Army for example applying for a bursary and scholarship or applying to become a soldier?

“Yes, I have wanted to become an officer within the British Army which this day has prompted me to continue down this path and hopefully this year I will try and apply for a bursary before I go to university and to hopefully end up in RMAS Sandhurst after getting my degree.”

“I have also looked further into the possibility of applying for an Army bursary at university and joining the University Officer Training Corps.”

“I am planning to apply to become a soldier after sixth form but the officer route is certainly something I would consider in a few years.”

Students listening to soldier give brief

“An absolutely fantastic day working with companies such as UniFrog, to give our prize winners an insight into a day as a British Army Officer. They all walked away with a better understanding of the Army itself, roles and responsibilities, and most importantly the opportunity and adventure!”- Captain Girdlestone (Army Officer Recruiting Team)

What Unifrog thought:

Caroline Collins – Head of Employer Partnerships

“I was delighted to be able to accompany five students from across the UK to visit the Royal Gibraltar barracks and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. It was a perfect way to celebrate the hard work that they had put into the skills development workshop with Unifrog and the Army that they had participated in earlier in the year.

During the day, I was astounded by the informed questions they were asking the officers about day-to-day life, the application and selection process, and sharing insightful comments about different activities during the day.

The session really brought to life the elements of the task they had to do, and it was incredible to be a part of the start of their career journey, I'm thrilled to hear that so many of the students are now considering a career within the Army thanks in part to such an astounding experience.”

Some images of the day:

Student trying on diving gear with Royal Engineers Diving graphic in the background


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