Cpl Day's Story - Women in the Army

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What is the Army like for the women who join it? There are a huge variety of roles in the Army, all of which are open to women, where you can expect equal pay, equal opportunities and equal expectations.

Growing up, Corporal Natasha Day was a young carer for her grandad. When he passed away, she wasn’t sure what to do next – she wanted to care for people, make a difference, and make her grandad proud. One day she walked past an Army Careers Centre, dropped in to say hi, and her whole life changed. It's not always been easy, but being in the Army has helped her fulfil her ambition of having a job helping people.

Watch Corporal Day as she talks about her experiences, worries and the challenges that she overcame, being a service woman in the Army and all the opportunities it's provided her.

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Here’s my advice to young women thinking of joining up: grab every opportunity by the horns and do it. There were things I didn’t think I could achieve, but they’ve turned out to be my biggest triumphs. I didn’t think I was smart enough or good enough – but I was, and I am.

A job like no other

The Army offers you challenges and adventure that you simply can't find in any other job.