Medical Support Officer

Army Medical Services

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Organise care for casualties on the battlefield and lead our medical teams to ensure troops get treated. It’s a role that can take you all over the world.

  • £31,305The minimum amount you’ll earn during training
  • £37,425Your pay after completing basic trade training
  • AgeFrom 17 years & 9 months to 28 years & 11 months
  • QualificationsGCSE and UCAS points

Such a rich experience would not have been possible in another role - I've been exceptionally lucky.

On the battlefield, casualties have to be evacuated to get the best medical treatment as soon as possible. As a Medical Support Officer, you'll provide the leadership, healthcare management and planning that this kind of challenge demands. You don’t need any medical qualifications and you won’t be a hands-on medic. Instead, you’ll provide a command and control function, guiding and co-ordinating teams, so they perform at their best – and save lives.

The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) is responsible for maintaining the health of servicemen and women. The Corps is represented wherever British Soldiers are deployed, providing medical support to operations, exercises and adventurous training expeditions all over the world.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in the delivery of clinical excellence to patients with varied medical needs

  • Command, lead and manage a multi-disciplinary medical team

  • Provide medical evacuation advice to Infantry and Armoured Corps commanders

  • Plan, deliver and maintain medical provision on exercise and on operations

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Regular (full time)

Entry requirements

  • Age:

    From 17 years & 9 months to 28 years & 11 months

  • Qualifications:

    Minimum of 72 UCAS points.

    35 ALIS points at GCSE or Scottish National (Minimum grade C/4 in English, Maths and Science or a Foreign Language).

  • Basic physical fitness assessment:

    • Mid Thigh Pull 76kg

    • Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m

    • MSFT (beep test) level 8.07

    More information about the fitness test

Training for the role

Step 1
You complete the 44-week Regular Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Step 2
You commission from Sandhurst as a Second Lieutenant and go on to complete the Army Medical Services Entry Officers' Course and the Medical Troop Commanders Course.

Qualifications you could get after training

As a Medical Support Officer you will have considerable opportunity to further your professional development. You will be able to study Higher Education and University courses in relevant healthcare topics in order to improve your understanding of medical management.

Upon your first posting you will have the opportunity to complete Strategic Medical Planning Courses to add to your professional portfolio.

Pay & benefits

You'll earn £31,305 during your year of training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, before commissioning and becoming a Second Lieutenant, on £37,425 a year.

How to Apply

Once your online application has been approved, you'll have an interview with a recruiter, who will talk to you about the corps that you would like to join. You'll have the chance to learn more about your chosen corps, although you won't make your final decision until you're in training at Sandhurst.

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