Royal Signals Officer

Royal Signals

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  • Officer
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If you have an interest in technology or cyber and a sense of adventure, and you enjoy a challenge, come and lead the soldiers proving the Army's vital link.

  • £31,305The minimum amount you’ll earn during training
  • £37,425Your pay after completing basic trade training
  • AgeFrom 17 years & 9 months to 28 years & 11 months
  • QualificationsGCSE and UCAS points or equivalent
Royal Signals in action


Royal Signals officers lead and motivate specialist soldiers responsible for the Army's  communication systems. You could direct the construction of a headquarters on operations, designing and establishing communications networks across the battle space. You could also find yourself coordinating electronic warfare effects on enemy communications networks, protecting friendly networks or commanding armoured vehicles at the forefront of operations. Our soldiers are amongst the most qualified in the Army and you will be expected to lead them in the field, in barracks and on Adventurous Training.

Fast moving and game changing, the Royal Signals are leaders in IT, Cyber and Telecommunications, providing battle-winning communications to every part of the Army. The Royal Signals are experts in engineering and operating systems, networks and cyber equipment.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Work independently and think on your feet

  • Enjoy unrivalled travel opportunities

  • Access continued professional development throughout your entire career, including chartered status

  • Command either small specialist teams or large troops of up to 45 people straight out of training

  • Provide communications for British Army formations and work with other nations and governmental organisations

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Royal Signals Officer

Regular (full time)

Entry requirements

  • Age:

    From 17 years & 9 months to 28 years & 11 months

  • Qualifications:

    72 UCAS points and 35 ALIS points at GCSE (including at least grade C/4 in English, Maths and a science / foreign language).

  • Basic physical fitness assessment:

    • Mid Thigh Pull 76kg

    • Medicine Ball Throw 3.1m

    • MSFT (beep test) level 8.07

    More information about the fitness test

Training for the role

Step 1
You’ll start your career on the 44-week Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. This is for all officer cadets, regardless of the Corps that they’re hoping to join.

Step 2
Following a short attachment you will attend the Royal Signals Troop Commanders' Course. This five-month course prepares you to take up your first appointment as a Royal Signals Troop Commander. You will learn the fundamentals of satellite communication, radio propagation and computer network theory. This will enable you to command our technical soldiers, the experts on each particular system.

Qualifications you could get after training

Troop Commanders' Course equates to 2/3 of BSc Communication Management (further distance learning required). MSc / MEng opportunities, Chartered Practitioner in IT, Funded membership of professional bodies (IET/BCS). Other management qualifications such as AGILE and ITILv4. Access to wider network of Cyber Operational Planning qualifications. Access to fully funded full time in service degrees in Computer Science and other STEM related subjects. 

Pay & benefits

You'll earn £31,305 during your year of training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, before commissioning and becoming a Second Lieutenant, on £37,425 a year.

How to Apply

Once your online application has been approved, you'll have an interview with a recruiter, who will talk to you about the corps that you would like to join. You'll have the chance to learn more about your chosen corps, although you won't make your final decision until you're in training at Sandhurst.

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